Getting Ghosted is not a pleasant experience. However, Sugarpill has come up with a way to actually make ghosting enjoyable thanks to its Ghosted Shade-Shifting Eyeshadow/Highlighter.

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The beauty brand recently revealed the dazzling product on Instagram and it’s exactly the sort of thing you want to create a holographic, unicorn-inspired makeup look. Sugarpill describes it as an iridescent white to violet shade shifter that also contains a blend of transparent red and pink sparks. Sugarpill also included a ghost-shaped swatch of the shade and it is nothing sort of prismatic. It also appears to have a pigmented finish that you can layer to create an opaque look.

Sugarpill explains that the versatile product can be used as an eyeshadow and highlighter  plus it can be layered over any eyeshadow, lipstick or lip gloss.

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If you want to experience some pleasant ghosting for a change, the Sugarpill Ghosted Shade-Shifting Eyeshadow/Highlighter will launch on Monday, August 21.

The Sugarpill Ghosted Shade-Shifting Eyeshadow/Highlighter will launch on August 21.