Enjoy these trends now because in another month you’re going to be as bored of them as you are when Miley Cyrus exposes a nipple. Again. You know what it’s like when you first try something new and you totally love it. Then everyone starts doing it, and you all start looking like some creepy clone army, and it makes you never want to see that crop top/mint green nail polish/[insert overexposed trend here] again. Arrgh. While most of these beauty trends still look awesome, you’re going to want to try something new come the fall, to celebrate the new season–and so you don’t look like the long lost twin of every second person you see.These trends were fun while they lasted but we’re done with them and ready to move on.

1.  Dip Dye

Demi Lovato Short Hair Instagram

Ombré hair proved its popularity the past few years, despite people originally calling it a passing fad. However, ombré’s more drastic cousin, the dip dye, doesn’t have the same staying power. It looks cool for a few weeks, then you become bored of it. Kylie Jenner got sick of her blue dip dye tips and you will too.

2. Pseudo-Shaved Cornrows

Marie Claire awkwardly implies Kendall Jenner basically invented cornrows.

Cornrows are a beautiful, classic hairstyle, but Kendall Jenner‘s pseudo-shaved side braids are reminiscent of the likes of Skrillex. Her hairstyle is like the non-alcoholic cocktail equivalent of the shaved head, and that is a look we’re getting bored with too (see #5).

3. Bleached Eyebrows

Katy Perry Bleached Eyebrows Instagram

Celebs like Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne and Miley Cyrus bleached their brows and they kept the look for exactly 16 hours before becoming bored with it/realized it was a terrible mistake. Be thankful that this didn’t catch on and that you don’t have to worry about going blind from drops of bleach in your eye.

4. Orange Lipstick

Selena Gomez Orange Lipstick

Did orange lipstick ever really become a trend? Not really, which is why its days are numbered. (It didn’t stand a chance because blue lipstick is so much better.)  An orange lip looks pretty and it is flattering with the right shade, but a bright orange lipstick doesn’t work with the somber colors of fall, unless it is for Halloween.

5. Shaved Hairstyles

Kelly Osbourne Shaved Head Insagram

An undercut or partly-shaved style like Kelly Osbourne‘s does look cool, but growing it out is a bitch. You pretty much have to shave your head or wear a hat for four months, until your stubble turns into reasonably attractive hair. After enough people complain about the horrible regrowth, no one is going to want to put a razor to their head. Time to find another new edgy hairstyle.

6. Silver Hair

22 Gray Hairstyles That Will Inspire You To Dye Your Hair Silver This Season

Rainbow hair continues to become more and more popular, with a new celebrity dyeing their hair a different color of the rainbow almost everyday. Silver hair just doesn’t measure up. Sure, it looks cool, but most people don’t want to dye their hair a color that is associated with aging. Plus, if you are lucky enough to have the summer off, you don’t want to return to work/school and have people thinking that you went prematurely gray.

7. Topknots 

Miley Cyruys Decorated Topknot

Miley Cyrus hasn’t had long enough hair to stick into a bun for some years, yet she is already sick of putting her hair into a messy bun and pretending it is a proper hairstyle. That is why she has had to resort to sticking plastic babies and glitter glue onto hers. If you have been wearing your hair in a topknot before Miley first got a pixie cut, you know how over this hairstyle you are.

8. Stiletto NailsKylie Jenner Manicure

Nail art will definitely remain popular, but people have poked their eye one too many times with their stiletto nails, and it is time for a nail shape change. Nails will probably stay long, but the claws will be filed down to prevent future injuries.

(Photos: Instagram,Getty Images, Pinterest)