Bravo's Fashion Queens Derek J And Miss Lawrence Have Got Solutions For All Your Summer Hair Problems!

Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to start getting for all those snazzy beach outings, parties, and Sunday brunches you’ll be having in the sun. No, that doesn’t mean you need to drop 10 pounds or hop on the nearest diet soda cleanse to get a “bikini bridge”; in order to look great in a pinch this summer, it’s as easy as getting a fun new haircut or just trying out a different style! If you’ve been looking to find a fresh way to prep for the coming months, look no further: Miss Lawrence and Derek J of Bravo’s Fashion Queens are here to help!

If you’ve never watched Fashion Queens, do so ASAP–it’s the perfect place to get all your style commentary for the week from excellent hosts who are as entertaining as they are informative. Since everybody knows just how awful summer heat can be on your locks, we decided to see what the experts recommended for our readers.

What trends are coming up?

Even if you do not subscribe to trends on a regular basis, there are plenty of hairstyles that have been cropping up (no pun intended) all over the place these days. When it comes to what they predicts for the summer, Derek J and Miss Lawrence both feel that “mermaid waves” are going to be increasingly huge among women who want an elegant but touchable texture.

Bravo's Fashion Queens Derek J And Miss Lawrence Have Got Solutions For All Your Summer Hair Problems!

Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

How can you get this lovely look that epitomizes casual chic? According to Miss Lawrence, simply take a jumbo curling iron, wrap the hair around the barrel, and let it fall. After you finish curling your whole head, just run your fingers through your hair. Don’t want to redo the same style tomorrow? In order to maintain your pretty curl, just braid your hair and then let the braid out when you want it back. Oh, and make sure not to over-apply product!

Whose hair was A+ during awards season?

Miss Lawrence and Derek J had similar thoughts on the best dressed women of the awards season. Each cited Lupita Nyong’o (no surprises there!), as well as Charlize Theron, as being excellent examples of women who were consistently fabulous on every red carpet. According to Miss Lawrence, Charlize Theron’s sleek bob was one of the best this season, so if you’re looking to get a similar style, he recommends starting with a good foundation–a perfect haircut. That way, you can play with it; whether you make it messy and textured or chic and smooth, it’ll look gorgeous. With Lupita’s total package of a look, Derek J noted that she “gave it fashion” every time she did anything–something we’ve all noticed like crazy this year.

Another hair winner? Jennifer Lawrence, which is interesting because I thought I was alone in loving her short cut not too long ago. Miss Lawrence stated that because he’s an “overall look” kind of person, he liked her haircut because it went well with everything she wore. “Her story made sense to me,” he added.

What about the best hair on Bravo’s shows?

When it comes to his fellow Bravo stars, Miss Lawrence listed his friend and client Kenya Moore of Real Housewives of AtlantaJoyce Giraud (below) and Yolanda Foster of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Lilly Ghalichi of The Shahs of Sunset as having the greatest hairstyles on the network.

Bravo's Fashion Queens Derek J And Miss Lawrence Have Got Solutions For All Your Summer Hair Problems!

Photo: Valerie Macon/Getty Images

How can heat and humidity’s effects be minimized, even on busy mornings?

“Banish the bad hair days!” instructed Miss Lawrence, who recommended doing a cute fashion pony if you’ve got a busy day but don’t want to look careless. He notes that it has to be a cute, pretty band rather than a boring rubber band; otherwise, the look won’t look nearly as polished. Adding a few wispy strands can make it even more trendy.

What’s a great low-maintenance haircut for busy women?

Bobs. Bobs, bobs, bobs. Both Miss Lawrence and Derek J cited bobs as one of the greatest haircuts for all women, but especially women who want something sexy and classic. If you’re feeling like adding a little funk, they say you can just add some choppy layers; if you’re seeking something more on the chic, sleek side, you can just do a basic bob.

What if you’re afraid to chop your hair?

Miss Lawrence recommended something I hadn’t given too much thought to prior: trying out wigs! For fun, why not? Wigs allow you to try a new look without investing monetarily for time-wise. (After all, we’ve all experienced that horrible moment of regret when we realize that our decision to do Mandy Moore‘s How To Deal hair was a poor choice. Oh wait, that’s just me? Never mind.) Plus, if you are not into doing a platinum blonde bob for real but love how it looks when you go out dancing, you can just wear it once a week if you snag a good wig!

How can you revitalize your locks when it’s hot outside?

Dry shampoo is always good on hand, recommends Derek J, particularly later in the week when you’re extra busy and don’t feel like doing a full wash-and-dry in the morning.

Also–and this one surprised me–curls! According to Derek J, curls add volume and break up the shininess so your hair won’t look greasy the same way they might if you straightened it or left it as is. A curly style adds vibrancy and gives your hair a “little movement and camouflages the dirtiness.”

Still hungry for more style tips and tricks? Check out Fashion Queens on Bravo Sundays at 11:30 EST!