Miley Cyrus

Now that everyone’s declared it Official Bathing Suit Season, it’s time to start engaging in my other favorite summer pastime: not giving a shit about hair. During the rest of the year, it’s fun to be creative with the dead skin cells that grow out of your scalp. During the summer, it’s just a sweaty, uncomfortable hassel. While you’re totally welcome to keep up your regular routine through the summer months (cheers to you, you brave warrior!), it’s equally fine to completely forfeit. In case you need reassurance that your laxed beauty habits are okay, here are 30 good reasons to never wear your hair down in the summer!

  1. No hairstyle is cute enough to make neck sweat worthwhile.
  2. It’s way too hot to use a blowdryer.
  3. Straightening irons are just expensive fire hazards at this time of year.
  4. And it’s not like you can keep your hair straight in this humidity, anyway.
  5. Speaking of humidity, why bother using a curling iron?
  6. Same goes for hot rollers.
  7. When your hair’s up high, it’s harder for people to tell that it’s greasy!
  8. Or dry!
  9. Or filthy with sand!
  10. There’s no better time to bust out your sassy sun hat.
  11. Or your nasty old baseball cap. No one’s here to judge you.
  12. Take this opportunity to rebel against all those beauty bloggers who look unfairly awesome with their complicated hairstyles.
  13. It’s great that they can curl their hair using a straightener, but that doesn’t mean you should feel guilted into trying.
  14. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  15. If you keep your hair in a ponytail every day, people will stop expecting you to change things up.
  16. Always keep expectations as low as possible.
  17. Then everyone’s jaws will drop if you ever decide to do your hair again!
  18. Not that you ever need to.
  19. Celebrities always look sexy with short haircuts, so how is this any different?
  20. And before Miley Cyrus made the chop, she wore the same bun every day.
  21. Nobody had a problem with it when MILEY did it.
  22. Use the summer as an excuse to save money on products.
  23. There’s nothing grosser than sweating out your hairspray.
  24. Besides sweating out your gel or mouse, of course.
  25. There’s no need to brush your hair if nobody’s going to see it!
  26. Showering becomes more and more optional when shampoo is out of the picture.
  27. Because you feel like it.
  28. Because you don’t feel like trying.
  29. Because it’s hot.

Photo via WENN