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Oil Spray

NIVEA SUN Oil Spray offers protection for deeply tanned skin acclimatised to the sun. It’s caring formula with jojoba oil helps to support the skin’s natural moisture level, leaving it feeling smooth and supple.

* UVA/UVB filter system
* water resistant formula
* vitamin E

Dermatologically approved.

Ever since I embraced my *golden* colour (hehe), I’ve always loved to keep it sun-kissed and bronzed. However, work will pile up and keeping myself indoors most of the time will take its toll. My skin tone will lose its vibrancy. I know there are products that will fake my tan but the idea just doesn’t sit well with me. If I don’t have the time to lie down and get it, I wouldn’t bother faking it. Not that my skin is all that fair anyway, though it will turn into this dull-ish tone. Ah, well. I still find the idea a bit silly.

So far, twas my time in Australia that allowed me to get the best tan ever. This is probably due to us frequenting the beach — me sun bathing most of the time, the water’s too darn cold anyway — AND we even went to Boracay when we went back home to spend the holidays. Note, this was between September – May, skipped the summer month of December. Not exactly too summer-y, don’t you agree? Hehe.

Anyway, I’ve worked on getting the same beautiful colour particularly during the summer season (here in my country, of course). And since it’s closing in esp with all the beach plans and summer trips, I’m reminded of this great tanning companion the Nivea Sun Oil Spray. It has been a personal favourite.

Now that I can almost taste all that summer can bring, I’m so looking forward to tanning and what not. Yay for summer!

Fine print: Does not provide protection to already burnt skin. Avoid intensive midday sun (between 11am -3pm). Avoid contact with the eyes.

I recommend that you use a sunscreen if it’s getting too close to midday and you’re still out under the sun.

Available in and I bought mine about a year ago in Treats, Petron Gas Station, SLEX. Hehe.