Let’s face it, you’re probably going to get a sunburn this summer. Hell, it’s the 4th of July. There’s a good chance you’re getting a sunburn right now. If you do, don’t worry. Here are 14 clever hacks that will help treat and cure your sunburn quickly.

1. Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

7c72151ed0a595f7a32ced6a5e5cdb15That looks so soothing. Also fun. I’m not a toddler, but I want to do it anyway.

2. DIY Epsom Salt Spray

ee69931a24f2b84d46f5e78b9c89e03fEpsom salt is the sort of thing everyone’s grandma had around the house, but none of us know what it is for. Apparently, among other things, it’s an effective sunburn cure. Who knew?

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

d536a16aecae3fb9c853a9c3d243e26fOf course apple cider vinegar cures sunburns. It does everything else. And if apple cider vinegar is around, coconut oil cannot be far behind.

4. Coconut Oil and Lavender

93270460efc74ceb67662c064820c1f0Here’s some coconut oil! Combined with soothing lavender, it appears to have taken this sunburn from lobster to perfect tan. God, that “before” photo looks painful. I hope she didn’t get that on purpose just to illustrate this tutorial. Ouch.

5. Over-the-Counter Relief

1322221ef23f3795e2f4674ac0706153If you don’t want to mess with all-natural, DIY solutions, you can just buy this stuff. It contains Lidocaine and you rub it right into your skin. Suck it, aloe.

6. Noxzema

f73293d776cc1e7b690f9d5ce2812c68Minty, cooling Noxzema is a popular choice for treating sunburns. That company should really be advertising this benefit during this time of year.

7. Preventive Treatment

e977ef19db127ebb4e70189c1e2698cfHuh. That’s good to try.

8. Oatmeal

c11ccd12f284c3d9882410bb20ee5cb5Oatmeal is a good, all-purpose skin soother. To avoid clogging your bathtub with it, make a little bag out of cheesecloth or the foot of some pantyhose or something and tie the oatmeal in there.

9. Earl Grey Tea

70fc3ff142447dcf3402b141886cd903This makes a very pretty picture, but you could also just soak a towel in the strong tea and apply it to the sunburn. (Use an old or very dark towel, because tea dyes fabric forever.)

10. Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil

48db32c0ac00f4cedd010f93c4215178If you mix ACV and coconut oil together, I’m pretty sure you could win a nuclear war. At the very least, you can heal a sunburn.

11. After-Sun Spray

7fd578acdf26d3fbe0c09cc28e833d23This cooling spray includes lavender and peppermint essential oils and aloe vera gel. It sounds delightful, and you’ll smell awesome.

12. Oatmeal Bath

5cceef45831bb232893c9c9f7b78cd35Ha! This is another excellent way to get an oatmeal bath without clogging your drain with disgusting oatmeal.

13. Banana Mash Mask

2db852001111534f22569772dd6db57fThis will soothe your skin after you’ve done something terrible to it. Also everyone will want to eat your face.

14. Baking Soda

4b5b66365df6ea7a773eceb8cb348ab2Baking soda even helps cure sunburns. If you don’t have any other DIY ingredients in the house, you probably at least have a box of baking soda at the back of the fridge.

(Photos: Shutterstock, Pinterest)