Nothing says “we’re all over-the-top dependent on technology” quite like a bracelet that tells you when you’ve been outside for too long. This is a real thing. A real thing that exists now.

Designed by a woman who previously worked with Harry Winston, Cartier, and Louis Vuitton, June is a device that’s meant to look like a normal, nonjudgmental piece of jewelry– but it secretly sends messages to your smart phone about the damage that day’s UV rays are doing to your skin. According to a promotional video for June (which aggravatingly features quiet whimsical music while a wispy lady drinks espresso really slowly in the sunshine), this bracelet is perfect for anyone who wants to spend all their time outside reading data reports about why they shouldn’t be outside.

And on top of being naggy, this 100-dollar device might actually be straight-up bad for you. YouBeauty makes a valid point in suggesting that June might wrongly convince women that they don’t need to wear sunscreen and sunglasses anymore. “Any derm worth his or her salt will tell you that sun damage is cumulative and there is no such thing as a maximum exposer limit,” they point out. “Five minutes here, fifteen minutes there throughout the day adds up big time.”

On top of that, Richie L. Lin, an actual dermatologist, also calls BS on June:

While the device is great because it measures UV exposure, the implication that there is a ‘safe’ level of sun exposure is misguided. At worst, the bracelet will give people a false sense of security, and at best, it may raise awareness that most of us get significant UV exposer without even trying.

So basically, don’t go outside ever. But if you’re going to, make sure your phone is programmed to make you feel bad about it.

Of course, Annika Beck, the international marketing manager for the company responsible for June, swears that it’s a worthwhile buy:

It will help women to better protect themselves against premature skin aging and sunburn. I think it opens doors for women to the world of connected objects.

I don’t know if I’m just pessimistic or a little afraid of robots or what, but I don’t really want to measure my sun intake with a computer. Either way, June has taught me one thing: only buy computerized jewelry if you’re really rich and really bored and if you intend to also wear sunscreen and sunglasses.

Via HuffPost / Photo: YouTube