Congratulations! You’ve found the perfect lipstick shade. That’s Major Accomplishment #1. Now, to tackle Major Accomplishment #2 – keeping that glorious lipstick off of your teeth!

Not to worry, it’s actually quite easy to do. Here, a few tips to keep your new shade on your pout and not on your chompers:

  • Use a lipstick primer before you slather on your color. This quick tip helps keep lipstick in place and eliminates bleeding and the color migration.
  • Dust lipstick with a loose powder to set the color. Just grab a facial tissue and separate it into 1-ply. Place the tissue over your lips, then dust on the powder. Voila! A set look without the powder showing through.
  • And finally, after applying lipstick (particularly when you’re on the go and don’t have time to utilize the first two tips), place your index finger between your lips and slide it out. Any extraneous color will go there instead of on your teeth.

These have been tried and true tips I’ve used for years. Do you have any to add? We’re all ears (eyes)…