rosie huntington whiteley Met Gala

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at the Met Gala in May.

Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the subject of a recent profile in The Guardian and the whole thing is pretty typical supermodel profile stuff–does she avoid all those horrible Daily Mail stories about herself? What’s it like when people are mean on the internet? How is that men want to fuck her and women want to be her?

…And want her they do! The Guardian references more than a few awe-inspiringly purple descriptions of the supermodel’s physical attributes (GQ once described her mouth as “overflowing… to the point of vulgarity”).

But the most startling revelation in the profile comes as an aside about Huntington-Whiteley’s humble beginnings in the modeling industry ten years ago. Before she was a “money girl” (industry parlance for models making six figures or more), she was given the single craziest piece of diet advice by a modeling agent:

 When she was starting out, one agent advised her to eat “a single piece of sushi a day”. “My eloquent response was: ‘Go fuck yourself!'”

Holy shit. Good on Huntington-Whiteley for sticking up for herself (if in fact she did), but can we all just sit quietly and imagine working in an industry where someone can actually say that?

Then again, we’d probably take the one piece of sushi a day diet over what Huntington-Whiteley’s fellow Angel Adriana Lima does in preparation for the Victoria’s Secret runway show.

Though we guess they’re both a step up from eating tissue paper to feel full or cotton balls dipped in orange juice?

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