Because everyone else does, okay?

Except for Victoria’s Secret Angels. Page Six Magazine (print) asked them which subway line they take. It’s a pretty basic question. I take the 4,5,6. Ashley takes the L. Lilit takes the M. Oh, look at that, we could all name the line we generally take in under 30 seconds. Here are the supermodel’s  responses:

Alessandra Ambrosio: The subway? No. Never. I haven’t ridden the subway in years.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: “Would rather walk than ride.”

Lily Aldridge: I don’t take the subway much anymore.

Chanel Iman: “This babe prefers staying above ground.”

The only angel who who actually takes the subway – ever, it seems – is Karolina Kurkova. This makes me like her more. That and the fact that she does not have a belly button.

Now, look, it’s not a class thing. It’s not that I feel irriated that, like Blair Waldorf, models refuse to ride in the subway because it’s filled with “mole people and middle class professionals.” I dislike them for not riding the subway because it makes me think that they’re incapable of managing their time well.

Because, wow, they must think that it takes forever to get anyplace around 6:00 at night when traffic grinds to a screeching halt. You know what every other person in New York realizes you do then? You take the subway. And, boom, you’re pretty much wherever you need to be in half an hour, tops. That’s just common sense. When people don’t realize that, I kind of just think they’re idiots.

Now, that said, I guess I don’t know exactly how things work for Victoria’s Secret Angels. Maybe it’s different for them. Maybe when you’re an Angel you don’t have to worry about crosstown traffic because hundreds of hummingbirds flock to your perfectly toned body to carry you from place to place. However, I think there’s a problem when the most charitable explanation I can create for this mimics something from Cinderella/Enchanted.

In conclusion, I really just want Alessandra Ambrosio to join me and the rest of the mole people in the trenches.