sure maximum protectionDon’t get me wrong, they want you to take care of that shit. But you don’t have to feel bad about the need to take care of your gross stinkiness. Sure’s newest maximum strength deodorant is for strong women who sweat unapologetically!

I have to admit, I completely appreciate the fact that Sure isn’t acting like women are delicate little flowers who “glow” instead of perspiring. When I was in high school, I lived in fear of raising my hand only to find a small ring of dampness under my arm. What is it about high schoolers that just make them sweat constantly?

The fact that the biggest brand of female deodorant is called Secret only proves that we’ve all been told a few too many times how ashamed we should be about a body function that we have seriously limited control over. Obviously sweating isn’t really a secret, but we would all like to pretend that it is.

So Sure is on a mission to provide a product for those who sweat unapologetically. They’re focusing on strong women who need a strong protection against the scourge of perspiration. The idea is nice, really it is. But am I the only one whose a little confused about a product that tells you not to be ashamed and yet is made to cover up the thing that you shouldn’t be ashamed about?

That’s like saying, “Your skin is beautiful, so use this concealer!” It’s a hair dye that tells you how awesome your natural color is. You get what I’m saying here. “Sweat unapologetically, but use this deodorant so no one knows about it!”

If sweating is something that we really shouldn’t be ashamed of, maybe we don’t need any antiperspirants that could potentially cause breast cancer. By the way, there is no conclusive evidence linking breast cancer and deodorants at this time, but doctors are still researching the links. There have been several theories about “underarm cosmetics” and breast cancer, some of which have shown more validity than others.

The point still holds that we aren’t sure if this product is harmful or not. And if we don’t need to be ashamed of the thing it prevents, do we really need to use it?

I guess what I’m trying to tell the Sure marketing department is that they’ve taken a step in the right direction, but they still need to hone their message just a bit. I’m thrilled that they aren’t showing women leaping off of buildings headfirst to prevent those obnoxious white marks. I appreciate that there isn’t a woman with photoshopped armpits radiating flowers. Stay strong Sure, but keep on working.