How does a Swarovski Personal Tampon Case sounds to you? Personally, I want one so badly. I must be doing something wrong because every time I put tampons in my purse chances are the wrapper comes off. I’m usually left with extra tampons in my bag that’s been out of it’s packaging. It drives me crazy. A tampon case would come really handy to solve my problems. Your’s too I’m sure.



This personal tampon case is decorated with swarovski crystals. Isn’t it cute? It holds 3 tampons and is big enough to fit any bags. This also ensures that your tampons won’t be all over the place just in case you drop your purse and the contents end up spilling on the floor. Imagine how awkward it is to be picking up tampons in front of everybody. This Swarovski Personal Tampon Case from Spoiled Brat Girl will eliminate that problem. It’s a little pricey for $59.95 but avoiding the humiliation and irritation for having unwrapped tampons on your purse makes it all worth it. You can pick from either the heart, peace, or cherry designs.

(Images : Spoiled Brat Girl)