talia joy castellano

Normally, I don’t really care what generically beautiful celebrity CoverGirl is using to advertise their products. Sure, it’s nice to see Ellen DeGeneres in anything, but I feel like their spokesmodels tend to be a bit interchangeable. Except when the CoverGirl is Talia Joy Castellano, because she is awesome. The fact that CoverGirl made her an honorary face of the brand is awesome. The only thing that isn’t awesome is that 13 year old Talia, who makes amazing make-up tutorials, has been diagnosed with  neuroblastoma, and is expected to have less than a year to live.

The courageous teenager has undergone chemotherapy, radiation, stem cell transplants, and blood transfusions, and, in spite of all that, started a YouTube series detailing how to do make-up looks most women find too complicated. Meanwhile, when I have a cold I’m unable to do pretty much anything but play AngryBirds. Talia’s YouTube bio reads:

I’m Talia, I’m 13 years old and I love makeup. “Make-up is My Wig” I like to say. And you can prob see I’m bald- I have cancer (neuroblastoma & leukemia). I don’t like wearing wigs so I wear makeup to feel good and pretty inside – and I guess outside. LOL!

OH GOD SHE IS SO PRETTY INSIDE AND OUTSIDE. You can see one of her make-up tutorials here (I think they are great, partly because I like seeing make-up making people feel better, partly because Talia is just a really charming girl):


And hear more about her story here: