Tallulah Willis Looks Like A Mermaid Version Of Bruce Willis

Guys, it is officially the Year of the Willis. I suspect that 2014 will be a time when all the Bruce Willis/Demi Moore children will suddenly come into the spotlight and blossom (or just turn into taller versions of Miley Cyrus, perhaps). Last week, we witnessed Rumer Willis go topless in NYC to protest Instagram’s anti-breast policy; now, we’ve got her younger sister Tallulah Willis rocking some fantastic fashion and a stunning dye job.

While appearing at the opening of the Zadig et Voltaire store in Malibu, California, Tallulah wore a bold metallic jacquard jacket and shorts combo paired with nude ankle-strap heels. I’m totally digging the boxiness of this outfit and her simple, fresh makeup, especially with the feminine design of her shoes.

Tallulah Willis Looks Like A Mermaid Version Of Bruce Willis

She was accompanied by her partner in blogging, Mallory Llewellyn. The two have a fashion blog together called The Clothing Coven, which is definitely one of my favorite titles for a style site in recent years (what? I liked witches). Mallory picked a beautiful white blazer to go over her tailored black pants, plus a pair of clunky white boots with gold embellishment. I love both their looks, though I can see myself trying to wear Mallory’s more so than Tallulah’s. Perhaps I have a bias because her last name is my middle name and nobody else ever spells it like that, or perhaps I just am still a little apprehensive about donning metallics for myself.

Shiny metallics aside, my favorite thing about Tallulah’s look is her bold aqua dye job. You know how we feel about brightly colored hair around these parts–particularly blue locks–so the greenish blue shade of her shoulder-length hair is pretty snazzy, in our opinion. It is always a lot of fun to dye one’s hair a new shade for summer, especially when that shade matches one’s jacket and short combination. Plus, the way it’s not just one solid color has always been a favorite thing of mine when it comes to unnatural hair colors; having a single flat shade is so boring! And by the way, all these stars with their stunningly bright hair is making me reach for the Manic Panic, which I used to use all the time for the seven-ish years my hair was still aquamarine. (Insert nostalgic sigh.)

Tallulah Willis Looks Like A Mermaid Version Of Bruce Willis

As a side note, she looks so much like Bruce Willis. So much. And that’s an awesome thing! Bruce is the man. Tallulah just looks like a mermaid lady version of him, which I assume he’s very proud of.

Maybe not.

Photos: Ben Horton/Getty Images