When the world first learned of New Jersey’s Patricia Krentcil–AKA Tan Mom–she was being abusively negligent by bringing her daughter into a tanning booth (maybe), which resulted in burns all over the 5-year-old. Now, because this is Amurica, she is famous.

So famous, in fact, that In Touch devoted a special stunt piece to her (which is the very essence of fame, probably). The magazine challenged Tan Mom to an entire month without tanning. The results are above.

We also learn that, at the nadir of her tanning addiction, she tanned “four or five” times every week, though she insists it’s not an addiction, only a life punctuated by moments of feeling like she “need[s] to be tan.” Also, she’s sick of talking about tanning.

We’re sure she’ll honor that and stop talking about tanning, until she feels like she “need[s] attention” and then she’ll be back in In Touch, doing another tan-related stunt piece. The circle of life.