Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil revisits XL nightclub

Remember how Patricia Krentcil got charged with second degree child endangerment for taking her daughter with her to a tanning salon? How would you respond after that? Would you probably try to educate yourself on why people were upset by that, and ultimately use the experience to get involved with some causes that could profit from your, admittedly notorious, kind of celebrity?

You are an excllent human being! Patricia Krentcil is not an excellent human being.

On a recent talk show, she was asked where she wanted to go on vacation and she replied, “‘Somewhere hot so I can fry like a bacon and come back and say, ”Ha! Ha! You can’t arrest me for lying in the sun.”

Ugh, lady be sensible. Step away from this mess. For the sake of your daughter, this is not a great kind of celebrity to have. Clearly.
Or, I guess you can start a tanning product line called “Real Tan Mom Healthy Glow” which is what Patricia Krencil is actually doing. I don’t find tanning particularly offensive – I’m a pretty strong believe in women getting to choose to do what they want to their own bodies – but I’m just offended by the stupidity in how this situation seems to be handled.
Picture via Wenn