The New Jersey mom who was recently arrested for saving her daughter from the clutches of paleness by bringing her to her fav tanning salon has had enough of your haterade. As such, she’s decided to set the record straight with a Youtube video explaining just how blameless she really is.

The kid was not burned in a tanning booth, you see, but merely while playing outside, as kids do, covered in baby oil “cause she loves the smell of babies,” and holding up a big piece of metal, “pretending to be an airplane.” Worry about your pale selves, okay??

Just kidding, it’s comedian Giulia Rozzi. But you’ve probably realized that by now, huh? Looking at her Youtube page, it seems Giulia draws much of her inspiration from controversial women, as past subjects include Casey Anthony, Kat Von D, and Zooey Deschanel (via her amusing infomercial for bangs). I can’t wait to see where she goes with this supertan character as the trial unfolds.

(Via Best Week Ever)