Target Defy & Inspire Nail PolishTarget has seriously upped their game in the last few months. It seems like every week it is announcing some new thing that we want to buy. Target recently launched its plaid-themed beauty range and the company has had a long list of not-to-be-missed collaborations. Target revealed it is working with WhoWhatWear, plus it have done collections with Adam Lippes, BaubleBar and Ava & Viv. Just this week Target announced they were teaming up with SoulCycle on an affordable line. However, that isn’t the only good news the company unveiled this week. Target also announced that it is launching its first-ever beauty line.

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Target is launching its own nail polish range called Defy & Inspire. The line will hit shelves on January 17th, so nail polish addicts should go and mark that on their calendars right now. This is not just a capsule collection of 10-ish nail polishes. Target’s Defy & Inspire line will launch with a whopping 38 shades. The line will also include a base coat and top coat to keep your manicure looking its best.

The nail polishes have a five-free formula, meaning that they do not contain formaldehyde, campo, dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde resin. If you think that means that means that they are going to cost a good chunk of change, think again. The Defy & Inspire nail polish will only cost $7 a bottle according to POPSUGAR.

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If you are wondering about the colors, you can see from the photo that there are shades that will appeal to everyone whether you love pretty pastels, more natural nails or classic colors. What is even better about the nail polishes is that they are named after our favorite reality TV shows. For real. Whether you are a Bachelor fan, or your guilty pleasure is watching Toddlers & Tiaras there are shades that will make you smile. See: “Rose Ceremony” and “Fantasy Sweet.”

There are also some throwback nail polish shades that will make you feel all nostalgic for your old reality TV shows. Remember Newlyweds, Made, and the Simple Life? They are all the names of nail polishes. Don’t worry Lauren Conrad fans, there are even “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” shades. Nail polishes always have interesting names, but you are going to want to read every single one of these and reminisce about all of the addictive shows you used to watch.

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Even if the nail polishes were not named after our fave guilty pleasure television shows, the Defy & Inspire range would still be a hit. Who can resist 38 nail polishes that go for under $10 a bottle? The real question is when is Target going to be adding a makeup range? And the second question is, what brilliant thing are those products going to be named after?

Target’s Defy & Inspire nail polish line will launch January 17, 2016 in stores and on the Target website.

(Photo: Target)