tarte double duty

(Instagram/Tarte Cosmetics)

The people at Tarte Cosmetics are kind of masters of the sneaky, silent launch. I pay pretty close attention to beauty launches for both work and personal reasons, and even I was only aware of the launches of massively hyped-up (post-launch, of course) products like the Tarteist Lip Paints and the Tarteist Contour Palette. Now, in what I can only describe as an attempt to make me question my self-worth and abilities as a beauty sleuth, Tarte has launched not one, but TWO new makeup collections. I see you Tarte. You and I are going to have to have some words.

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The Double Duty Beauty and Rainforest of the Sea collections, which will reportedly debut exclusively at Ulta and Sephora, respectively, feature an insane variety of products, including a highlighter palette that would rival Anastasia Beverly Hills‘s Glow Kits, a pressed powder foundation that can be used wet or dry, an updated version of Tarte’s cult-fave Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara, and lipsticks and shadows galore.

The Double Duty line, which is all about multi-tasking products, includes nine products, while the Rainforest of the Sea line has 19 products, including some skincare, that, according to Refinery29, contain “skin-loving ingredients, like algae extract and antioxidants to help boost hydration and radiance.” The best part? The good people at Refinery29 tested the products in humidity-heavy Hawaii, and their review will tell you just how good they are at surviving the extreme climate. Hello, new favorite products for muggy New York City summers!

The Rainforest of the Sea line won’t debut until next week, but the Double Duty line is available now, and it’s kind of a godsend for beauty junkies like me. One of the biggest annoyances (and yes, it’s a total #FirstWorldAnnoyance) of having such an extensive beauty stash is that it becomes easy to run of space for or keep track of all of your products, so you just end up using the same handful of products over and over again while your old faves collect dust somewhere underneath a monster-sized eyeshadow palette (#truelife). The Double Duty line gives you the opportunity to cut down on the number of products in your arsenal simply because each product does more than one thing. In fact, here are my three faves from the line:

The Lip Sculptor Lipstick & Lip Gloss ($24)

tarte lips

I’m all about a good full-coverage lipstick, and ever since I tried Buxom‘s Lip Creams, I’ve been slowly getting back into the lip gloss game. This product is the best of both worlds.

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The Eye Architect Liner & Shadow ($24)

eye architect

Goodbye, countless palettes and eyeliners. Hello, one product that will actually fit in my cosmetic bag.

Powder Foundation Brush & Removable Blending Sponge ($34)

tarte double brush

This is basically the only brush you’ll ever need again in your life, provided that you clean it properly and often.

Click here to shop the Tarte Double Duty Beauty line now! The Rainforest of the Sea collection will launch in-stores and online at Sephora on February 29.