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If you’re a mermaid lover, you will know that Tarte Cosmetics recently launched its Be A Mermaid And Make Waves Eyeshadow Palette ($42). And the brand isn’t done with its mermaid merch yet. Tarte recently took to Instagram to share a set of mermaid makeup brushes to go along with the palette.

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Given that we love themed makeup brushes as much as anything mermaid related, it makes perfect sense that Tarte would launch a set of mermaid brushes to coordinate with its new mermaid palette. Based on the preview image on Instagram, the Tarte mermaid makeup brushes have a beautiful green to purple to pink ombre fish scale design. They’re topped with hot pink brush heads, golden ferrules and a tail design on the tip. What’s not to love?

Mesmerizing holographic sheens #tartemermaid #linkinbio

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There are five brushes in the collection. Based on the photo, it appears there are brushes to do your entire face including ones for powder, blush, eyes and lips.

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Tarte didn’t reveal how much the brushes cost or when they will launch. Given that the Be A Mermaid And Make Waves Eyeshadow Palette launched last week, we’re crossing our fingers that the brushes come sooner rather than later so we can use the makeup tools and palette together.