One of the negative things about self-tanner is that it can take a long time to develop. It’s not the best for last-minute beach trips or for when we’re concerned that we’re going to end up with a streaky finish. That’s why Tarte Cosmetics has created an express self -tanner, the Glow With The Faux Foaming Self-Tanner With Mitt ($39), that develops in two hours.

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Tarte explains on its website that the formula develops into an ultra-deep tan in those two hours. What’s more, the foaming self-tanner is also vegan, hypoallergenic and alcohol-free. If you’re worried about it being too dark, Tarte promises that it will look natural. Once the two hours are up, you’re able to shower to reveal your bronzed glow. FYI: You can leave it on for longer, if you desire.

Those who dislike the telltale scent of self-tanners will be happy to hear that Tarte’s formula has PUREshield scent control which helps minimize that distinct scent. What’s more, it’s formulated with antioxidants and fatty acids.

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The Glow With The Faux Foaming Self-Tanner is available to shop now. Just be aware that it’s limited edition.