Normally it takes three observed occurrences for anything to be declared a “trend,” but when something is being done by celebrities famous enough to go by just one name, like Lorde and Tavi, I think two is enough. By those standards, the “acne treatment” selfie is a trend, and frankly I think it’s a great one.

Lorde was the first to post a no-makeup, acne cream selfie to Instagram back in February, and her willingness to post a picture of herself wearing acne cream was pretty great.

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“In bed in paris with my acne cream on,” she said. Sure, she might be the coolest person alive and sitting in a hotel in Paris because she is a superstar, but she also has pimples sometime, just like the rest of us. (Except the rest of us aren’t superstars in Paris, le sigh.)

Now Rookie founder and world’s most brilliant teenager Tavi Gevinson has posted a Twitter selfie showing off her own acne treatment, and it just makes us love and envy her even more.

“Highly recommend the new yayoi kusama they just installed on the upper west side of my face,” she said.

That’s probably the most erudite way of snarking about one’s acne ever, and once again I am reminded that I was not as cool as Tavi when I was 17. If I’d been able to make a single such reference back then it probably would have been I.M. Pei, and I’d only have been able to do that because a hot guy in my French class sat under a poster about the Louvre pyramid every day.

While the no-makeup selfie occasionally gets exhausting, especially when everyone looks perfect and flawless in them anyway, the acne cream selfie is another thing entirely. Rather than showing off how beautiful and flawless celebrities are without even needing makeup, they show that celebrities aren’t flawless at all, and that’s awesome. Having occasional pimples or flaws like any other teenager doesn’t make Lorde or Tavi less exceptional, but it does remind the rest of us that our flaws don’t define or ruin us. It proves you can have a pimple and still be awesome, and at 16, that would have been a really good thing to hear.

(Photos: Twitter/Tavitulle, Instagram/LordeMusic)