No more does Taylor Swift have gently curling honey blond locks like some sort of fairy tale princess! No more! The world is different, now! Everything is different! The Mayans were right!

This is Taylor Swift’s new haircut:

taylor swift haircutWhich you see in her new music video, “I Knew You Were Trouble.

I actually love it. I’ve always wanted to dye my hair ombre, but it is dark, and I think it would require a ton of work to get this look, and also, once it was done, I would look terrible in it. And, obviously, when I say ombre, I mean “pink ombre”. Not like, subtle natural shades. Futuristic, cool, replicant shades for an apocalyptic future where people survive the blast by hiding out in incredibly well stocked hair salons.

So, what Taylor Swift did here.

I think it is grungy, and fun, and cool on her, and a nice break from her typical style. Good for her! Way to get break-up hair that actually looks nice! That relationship with a teenaged Conor Kennedy was doomed!

Although, as our friends at Refinery29 point out, there is a really good chance this is a wig. So it is entirely possible that the world is not actually ending and everything is essentially the same. Maybe.

Picture via FayesVision/