Rita Ora Red Blue Hair(Photo: Instagram/RitaOra)

Are you looking for a fresh hair color change but don’t want to commit to constant salon visits for touch-ups? There are lots of temporary ways commitment-phobes can change their hair. Perhaps you are a beauty chameleon who loves to switch up your hair color but you can’t be doing it as often as you like because your hair would fall out from all of the stress you’re putting it under. A temporary product can work for you too. Think about the number of times Kylie Jenner has tried a new look with extensions and wigs. Similarly, Rita Ora just went from red ombre hair at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards to a red and blue ombre look that could easily be replicated with hair chalks or temporary dyes.

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Here’s are low commitment ways to switch up your hair color:

1. Temporary DyeSplat Washables Hair Color For A Day Purple Swag

Do you want to try a funky hair color just for a day before you decide to commit to it for a longer period of time? Washables Color For A Day In Purple Swag ($6.99, Splat) easily washes out with shampoo.

Jerome Russell Punky Color Lagoon Blue

If you want something that lasts longer, you can try a semi-permanent hair color. Punky Color In Lagoon Blue ($9.99, Jermone Russell) doesn’t require any peroxide and works on bleached or natural hair.

2. GlossMadison Reed Semi-Permanent Gloss Cannella

If you want to boost shine and enhance your natural hair color, try a gloss. A gloss will make your mane as shiny as those in shampoo commercials and it will add a subtle change to your hair that washes out after a couple washes. Semi-Permanent Hair Color Gloss In Cannella ($24.95, Madison Reedlasts six to eight shampoos and you can get two applications out of the bottle if you have shoulder length hair.

3. Colored GelManic Panic Dye Hard Temporary Hair Color Styling Gel Glam Gold

If you normally use gel to style your hair, swap your regular one for a colored gel. It’ll make your mohawk that much cooler. For an evening look, use the colored gel for a wet-look hairstyle. Dye Hard Temporary Hair Color Styling Gel In Glam Gold ($9.99, Manic Panic) comes in 11 different eye-catching shades and washes out like any gel. The neon ones glow under black light.

4. Spray-On ColorBeyond THe ZOne Hair Color Bombz Pink

If want a quick and easy way to switch up your hair, try a temporary spray-on color. Color Bombz Temprary Hair Color In Air Head Pink ($6.29, Beyond The Zone) works whether you want to highlight specifics areas or cover your entire head. Think of it as a tinted hairspray.

5. Hair ChalkDippity Do Colorpop Coral Crush

Everyone went crazy for hair chalks a few years ago and they’re still a great hair color option. There are so many different things you can do with them and they do show up on dark hair. Add some pastel highlights to your hair or dip dye the ends of your ponytail. Colorpop In Coral Crush ($6.99, Dippity Do) easily wash out with shampoo.

6. Extensions And WigsSecret Color Hair Extensions

If you don’t want any mess with chalks, dyes or sprays, try temporary hair extensions. You can get clip-ins and even ones that are attached to hidden headbands. Hair Extensions In Blue ($14.99, Secret Color) are inspired by Demi Lovato and the extensions are attached to a discreet headband.