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Apparently, long flowing hair and prison do not mix. Upon arriving at her new home, the Danbury Correctional Facility in Connecticut, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice was forced to surrender, of all things, her hair extensions.

Teresa Joe Giudice court

(Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

The above is a photo of Teresa from early last year after her and husband Joe Giudice‘s appeared in a Newark court to face charges of bankruptcy fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud, and failure to pay taxes. Convicted, Teresa arrived at the Danbury Correctional Facility and is now serving a 15-month sentence (though this writer doubts she’ll actually serve the whole thing, ahem). But just look at that flowing hair! Don’t you just wish she could have it in every prison update Real Housewives does with Teresa?

Teresa has been notoriously, almost frighteningly, blissful in the aftermath of the trial and conviction for her crimes. Even her former crisis manager Wendy Feldman, presumably the Olivia Pope of the Jersey Shore, says that Teresa is “the most unique person I’ve ever worked with,” which is a friendly way of saying, “Girl is dumb.” Feldman continues, “So many of my clients have had a difficult nature. But she’s the only one I’ve been unable to get through to—and she’s the one I tried the hardest with.”

According to the Daily Mail, just a couple days ago, she was spotted smiling at the paparazzi from her car as though nothing out of the normal was going on in her life–just another day as a very tan, very French manicured celebrity about to be sent to jail. And yet, a mere two weeks ago, her children’s Christmas presents were seized in a police raid because she and her husband refused to submit a payment plan for the $214,000 the couple currently owes in restitutions. So, y’know, forgive me if my ability to shed tears for the woman has been rendered utterly incapacitated.

The only thing I can think of that would make this story slightly better is if Teresa were wearing the giant braid hair extensions from The Blonds’s NYFW show. Now that would be an amazing thing to check into a prison–albeit much more stylish, let’s be honest.