Spring is the season of flowers and some people are taking that quite literally. We’ve seen people using real dried flowers to take their manicures to the next level and now the trend is being adopted onto eyes as part of the terrarium eye trend.
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If you were a fan of flower flicks, you’re going to like terrarium eyes. Teen Vogue reports that the look was created by MAC makeup artist and beauty blogger Ellie Costello. Ellie posts her handiwork under the Instagram handle @makeupisart_x and it has attracted a number of fans.

Ellie explains that her work isn’t planned. She mixes and matches eyeshadow, flowers, eyeliner and other forms of embellishment as she goes. She also reveals that the idea to experiment with flowers in her makeup came from fellow beauty blogger @ItsJuneJune.

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And if you’re wondering where Ellie gets her flowers from, let’s just say that her mom’s garden isn’t what it used to be.

If you want to get in on the trend, it’s time to start hunting for your own ditzy blooms to add to your makeup look. Just make sure that you’re not chopping up someone’s prized blooms for your Instagram photos, okay? Permission is key.