thandie newton beauty site

Thandie Newton and her makeup artist, Kay Montano, are both ridiculously good-looking women, but in spite of their ample shares of natural beauty, as women of mixed race they both say they’re acutely aware of the lack of diversity in the beauty industry. So they’ve decided to take a corrective measure and start their own beauty site,, designed to encourage creativity and celebrate diverse types of beauty.

1. Even ridiculously beautiful women like Thandie Newton worry about not fitting into the ideal in the magazines. 

“We’d love to present the idea that there’s no one ideal of beauty, something we both wish we’d been encouraged to realize growing up,” Montano said to The Cut. “Magazines tend to have a ‘type,’ and the problem is, if all you see is one person — the same tall, invariably white, skinny girls with straight hair — and you don’t see yourself represented, you may learn to feel short, dark, fat, and frizzy.”

2. They know all kinds of beautiful, accomplished people.

The site launched this week and so far has interviews with Lucy Liu and Half of a Yellow Sun author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, whose mother wore perfume to sleep.

3. Even famous and successful women have trouble finding foundation.

Both Liu and Adichie said the one thing they’d like to see is a greater range of colors and undertones in foundations and tinted moisturizers, which often come in an endless array of shades and undertones for pale to medium-pale skin, but just one or two shades are expected to work for all darker skin tones.

“A greater awareness that dark-skinned women have enormous buying power and are as much interested in beauty as anyone else,” Adichie said.

4. Beauty isn’t just frivolous.

Thandie’s friend Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy won an Oscar in 2012 for her documentary Saving Face, about women maimed in acid attacks. In an essay on the subject, Newton describes watching women undergo painful surgeries to attempt to correct their maimed faces and reestablish their sense of public identity, when she realized one of the woman had started wearing makeup again.

She’d lined her eyes, applied mascara, perhaps shadow, blush, and a subtle shade of lipstick.  She looked beautiful. It wasn’t the make up that made her look beautiful necessarily, but it was the fact that she had accentuated her features with adornments that can only mean she wanted others to look, to see, to notice her. How powerful a thing is that?


5. You can’t have Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows, but yours are just as good.

ThandieKay is beauty site and there are all the requisite product and how-to posts, like how to get Thandie Newton’s violet eyeshadow look and a rundown of her makeup look for Chanel. Montano says that while tutorials and videos will be all over the site, she won’t be running “get the look” posts for things like Cara Delevingne’s famous eyebrows.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked how to ‘get’ Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows!” Montano said. “I find it so bizarre; Cara’s eyebrows look beautiful on her because they’re hers! How about make your own eyebrows work?”

Via The Cut/Photo: WENN