Yesterday, Kim Kardashian tried to claim that her newly-puffier lips were the result of the flu, to which I (a current Flu-Haver) called out as ridiculous. However, there are some ways that being sick can make you feel pretty. Or at least, if you’re Monica in that Friends episode where Chandler is too icked out by her being sick to have flu-sex with her, it can convince other people you’re sexy. Which is the same as being sexy, so whatever.

1. Deeper voice

There’s also a Friends episode where Phoebe gets a cold and likes her new raspy voice so much that she tries to stay sick forever. Also, I swear those are the only two episodes of Friends I’ve ever seen.

2. Rosy complexion

Yes, you’re running a fever. But think of all that money you’re saving on blush!

3. Bedroom eyes

The eyes belong to you, and you are in your bedroom.

4. Losing weight

If you can’t keep food down, you can’t keep your weight up.

5. An aura of mystery

Everyone will be dying to know about your recent disappearance from the social scene. Tell them you got a nose job! Or went to rehab!