Remember back when makeup brushes were basic? If we had a set of colored brushes, we were fancy. Things have definitely changed since then. Whether you’re a fan of flowers, Harry Potter or unicorns, you can get a set of makeup brushes that celebrates your favorite things. And now Game of Thrones fans can pick up a brush set that celebrates their love of the Seven Kingdoms.

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The Catch 96 has launched a set of Game of Thrones Makeup Brushes ($39.95) that you’ll like whether you’re #TeamLannister or #TeamStark. There are eight brushes in the collection with each one being inspired by a different family’s crest and their sayings. There is the Lannister Lion with their “Hear Me Roar” slogan along with the Stark’s famous Direwolf and “Winter Is Coming.” Other brushes pay tribute to houses Baratheon, Greyjoy, Targaryen, Tully and there is also a symbol for the Hand Of The King.


The brushes are all meant for eyes and they feature synthetic brushes with metal alloy handles. Brushes in the collection including a flat shader, a blending brush, a thick liner brush and a tapered blending brush. You also have your choice between silver, bronze, copper and trendy rose gold finishes. 

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It’s important to point out The Catch 96 makeup brushes are “not sponsored by, endorsed by, or associated in ANY WAY with the owners or creators of any other pre-existing literary artistic work.”


Another key point is that the brushes are selling fast, and when they go, they will not be back until October. And there will not be a waitlist for them. The Catch 96 posted an update on the website on August 1, that revealed the brushes will be on a first come, first served basis and there will be a maximum of five sets per customer. The brushes were originally $79.95, but they’ve been reduced to $39.95 so grab them now and you can have them for the Game of Thrones finale.

(Photos: The Catch 96)