There have been a few different astrology-themed makeup launches recently. See the newest Bite Beauty Amouse Bouche Lipstick and the massive ColourPop Cosmetics range. Not to mention that zodiac nails are trending. If you’re looking to carry the star theme into your masking routine, The Crème Shop has a full series of horoscope masks ($4 each) and you will want to collect them all.

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The Crème Shop’s spin on the popular zodiac trend is the Energy Essence Masks ($4). Each mask has a slightly different formula and design as a nod to each sign in the zodiac. What the masks all have in common is that they brighten and enhance the appearance of complexions. Furthermore, they’re all crafted in Los Angeles “with kind intentions and positive energy.” And they’re suitable for all skin types.


There are some interesting ingredients to be found in the series. For instance, the Aries mask is formulated with coconut oil, caffeine and edelweiss flower. The Gemini version contains ginger, eucalyptus and vanilla. And the Libra one is formulated with jojoba oil, ginseng and chamomile.

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You might want to buy one set as a keepsake and one set to use because each mask has an individual design which is also color coordinated based on its corresponding element (air, water, fire, water.) What’s more, each one describes the characteristics of the zodiac symbol.

You can shop all of the masks individually from The Crème Shop now. We have a feeling that glowing skin is written in the stars for you.

(Photos: The Crème Shop)