My mom and I bond. She sends me lots of videos of kittens frolicking; I let her know how cute they were. Sometimes we go to the spa and get pedicures together. But obviously my mom and I aren’t really that close, because we haven’t gotten cosmetic surgery together like Christie Brinkley and Alexa Ray Joel just did. I know that both the ladies are going through some hard times right now – Christie had that whole “douchey husband cheating and making sex tape with teenaged assistant” fiasco, and Alexa had the “bad breakup and possible suicide attempt” thing – so, hey, I guess they thought this would help them both feel better?

Star reports that the two had mother/daughter procedures: a mini-facelift for Christie and a nosejob for Alexa. This is exactly like when my mom picks out the Iridescent Rose shade and I pick Bronze Medal! Except that we can’t bond with each other while checking each others’ facial bandages. It’s beautiful, really, if you think about it.