So we got some delightful Lush bath products from their Easter collection today, including this one that looks like a baby chicken. It’s called the Hippy Chick, and it’s insanely adorable (and smells of grapefruit!). It reminded us that Easter is coming up, but more than that, it reminded us of Peeps candy. Remember Peeps? They’re the marshmallows covered in sugar that look like chicks. Now there’s some debate at the office – half the people here (Lilit) feel that peeps are incredibly gross. They think they’re disgustingly sweet, and the texture is weird and they’re just generally the most busted of all easter candies. The other half of the office (Jennifer) says that Peeps are delicious and Lilit’s tastebuds are defective, and also, that word peep is fun to say. Peep. Peep. Peep.

Which is where our challenge to you comes in. The person who makes the most convincing case for why Peeps are either A) amazing or B) busted, wins a delightful assortment of bathbombs from Lush. And, if you choose to argue A, Jennifer will spring for a box Marshmallow Peeps for you as well. As always, we’ll pick the winner in about a week.