For centuries, the Dead Sea has been known as a place for healing. Dead Sea mud, salt, and air are reportedly good for treating everything from asthma to excema, and the Ahava skincare line – made from Dead Sea mud – is a perennial bestseller. So it only makes sense that another salty body of water – Utah’s Great Salt Lake – is trying to get in on that territory. The product line Ojaván now has a website and a publicist and is branding itself as “America’s Dead Sea.” But are there photos of people floating in the Great Salt Lake reading the newspaper?

Ojaván is currently selling two products – a mineral mud mask and bath salts. The mask “is composed of non-soluble clays, carbonates, sulfides and organic compounds. The mineral mud is hand-harvested and then infused with concentrated Great Salt Lake mineral water that natural processes have aged to perfection upon crystal beds.” There are two sizes available – a normal two-ounce container and a “sample” size that’s only $3.50. I guess it also helps cut costs when the products aren’t shipping from the other side of the world, huh?

For the time being, is Ojaván doesn’t have a celebrity spokesperson. Ahava has the lovely and dewy-skinned Kristin Davis, so for the time being that’s one point in their column. And something tells me they’re not going to start referring to the Dead Sea as “Israel’s Great Salt Lake” any time soon.