Okay, let me just begin this by saying it took me a few views to realize that the hovering, disembodied, talking fist in the center of the screen was supposed to represent a vaginal opening. So… that’s how dense I am.

Anyway, I think I was too distracted by the concept of a still-existing “douche industry” to really focus on the talking fist representing a vagina. Like, isn’t it pretty well established that you shouldn’t douche and it’s bad for you? And isn’t it kind of unethical for a dying industry to advertise its product as if it’s something you need? I mean, like, if the Marlboro man were a dirty vagina?

Also, here’s a sassy black fistgina, so it’s offensive on even more levels:


Okay, so I guess my point is: 1) These commercials are the worst, 2) Holy shit, does anyone actually do this?

(via The Hairpin)

(…Yes, this was also an excuse to do a “see also“)