This past week, I let Norma Kamali dictate my eating habits for three days. You can read about them here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3. The following is what I took away from it.

I would really like to say that the day after going off Norma Kamali’s cleanse, I ate well. I meant to. I did. But look, there was a breakfast meeting with croissants, and breakfast meetings at hotels are what cafe au lait was made for, and the grilled cheeses and chocolate chip cookies at City Bakery are really good, and you know, some days you want a martini, and brie and pear pizza hardly counts as pizza. I had a lot of fun eating. I also couldn’t get to sleep until 4 in the morning, and yes, in case you were wondering, I DO look like shit today.

So much though I hate to admit it (because it’s just so boring to say this) the experience made me realize that maybe life does go more smoothly when you eat better. I don’t think I could ever stick to Norma’s plan perfectly, but there are at least 5 things I learned from it that I can incorporate into my daily life, and that I think would be helpful with any diet:

1) You have to have something to snack on. Sea salt almonds were great not just because they were delicious, but because they meant I didn’t get outrageously hungry and attack the cupcakestop truck.

2) Wow, you can actually find healthy food that tastes good. I completely stand by the fact that the Organic Avenue soups are the best soups ever. Which is a big transition from the time that I tried those stupid slim fast shakes that tasted like chalk and milk. Because, seriously, eating should be a happy, fun time, and those people who talk about how you should only view food as fuel suck.

3) Having some sort of public forum to share stuff helps. Would I have cheated more if I wasn’t recording my daily dietary habits here? Well, yes, of course. Okay, not everyone is going to do that, but writing things down even if you’re the only one who sees them might work. Or doing a diet with one of your friends so you can talk about it with each other without being one of those people who feel compelled to tell everyone everything you ate for dinner yesterday.

4) Don’t try to give up everything cold turkey. Diet Coke. I tried. It didn’t work. But you can try to wean yourself off of things, or at least become more concious of your habits. Hey, maybe there are some indulgences you just can’t give up, but you can try to partake in them more sparingly if you’re more aware of them.

5) Find something you love to eat every day. Because the chocolate macaroon day was by far the easiest day, if only because I had something to look forward to and be excited about.

And one bonus tip!

6) DON”T EAT SUNSCREEN. (Or for that matter, olive oil).