I think a certain grey lady is black and white and red all over. Red with with rage that no one asked her to be in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show! The New York Times recently did a piece on how the angels earn their wings which stated:

THIS is how an angel earns her wings. First, she is born, in someplace like Belarus or Florianópolis, the spot in southern Brazil where an awful lot of folks with German names fetched up over the centuries, or, well, Saskatchewan.

Then the angel grows up pretty. (There are no homely angels.)

Next, the angel is discovered, most likely in a mall.

The angel, at this point, does not realize she is an angel, because the process of becoming an angel requires time and guidance and support and miracles and, O.K., occasionally a sleazy boyfriend, as well as a decision at some point by Steven Meisel, or by some other star-making fashion photographer to choose a woman from among the thousands who would gladly sign away their firstborn for a chance to appear in front of his lens.

In conclusion – you should have hung out at malls more growing up instead of wasting your time with all that stupid studying.

But then, there is a little bit more to it. Maybe the Victoria’s Secret Angels aren’t curing brain cancer, but it’s not just a matter of Steven Meisel thinking you’re cute, an then, boom, you’re in. It’s a bit harder than that.

As Jezebel points out, there are girls living off kale at model boot camp to get ready to strut their stuff on stage so the rest of us can pretend that a push-up bra will make us look like we live off kale at model boot camp. I mean, nothing but kale. Really. God’s annointed are basically living off lawn clippings for this, so, even if we don’t absolutely love the show, they seem like they deserve a little respect.