I (I mean all of us) haven’t forgotten—it’s impossible to forget. We have just been conforming to regulations in and out of our homeland so that, when The Ordinary Suncare is finally in our hands and yours, we can all see our Sun, the star that gives us all life, as our friend again. I have been an enemy of the Sun and a friend of the Sun in the past few months to learn what should be obvious to all of us: just like anything in life, we just need to learn to respect our Sun, its rays and its hard work instead of fearing the most life-giving force in our solar system. I’ll continue to share my thoughts with you very soon as we prepare to launch The Ordinary’s Suncare late this month. A hug, with the Sun reflecting love to you in my eyes, Brandon

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It’s almost summer which means that if you haven’t found a sunscreen that you love, you’re probably busy looking for a formula that keeps you protected and suits your lifestyle. The Ordinary revealed that it’s launching the Ordinary Suncare with not one, not two, but five different sunscreens.

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The brand shared the big news one Instagram. The brand’s CEO Brandon Truaxe explained that over the past few months he’s been considering the sun and working on developing a range of sunscreens. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to take note of three formulations shown in the image, but the brand also has all five sunscreens listed on their website as coming soon. They include: the Mineral UV Filters SPF 15 + NMF, Mineral UV Filters SPF 30 + NMF, Mixed UV Filters SPF 50 + NMF, Invisible UV Filters SPF 35 and the Mixed UV Filters SPF 30 + Oil Control.

What makes The Orindary special is that they combine innovative, effective formulas with affordable prices. Unfortunately, the Instagram post didn’t reveal the price of the sunscreens, but we have a feeling that it will be in line with the brand’s other products.

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Brandon didn’t reveal a specific date when we can expect The Ordinary Suncare to launch, but he did reveal in the post the products will drop “late this month.” We’re already in mid-May so expect them to come soon.

The Ordinary Suncare range will launch late May.