There are a lot of brands that have gained cult followings, but Deciem has quickly gained a devoted following in such a short time thanks to its amazing collection of beauty brands. The Ordinary in particular has products that sell out again and again and has waiting lists with thousands of people on them. That’s why you’re going to want to be ready when the The Ordinary drops its new Watercolour Skin Tints.

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The beauty brand made the announcement on Instagram that Watercolours are coming in December. Those keeping track, will know that The Ordinary already has a Coverage Foundation and a Serum Foundation as part of its “Colours” range. The two products already have a popular following thanks to their affordable prices, good shade range and natural-looking finish.

If the Instagram teaser is anything to go by, the Watercolour Foundations promise to be just as good. Deceim reveals that the products are silicone and oil-free skin tints that look very natural. They’re crafted out of lightweight pigments that are similar to watercolors. In keeping with the rest of the Deciem/The Ordinary range, they’re affordable and will come in a range of colors. Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact number of shades the skin tints will launch in or the price, but it’s likely the foundations will be under $10 as the other two in the current range are.

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We’ll have to wait for more details as it gets closer to The Ordinary Watercolours Skin Tint December launch date. Keep an eye on this space for more exciting updates.

The Ordinary Watercolours will launch in December.