Hello there, pretty lady!

I’ve been listening to the new Cat Power album on repeat for days now. It’s amazing, Chan is amazing (yes, we’re on a first name basis), and the fact that she follows me on Twitter is amazing. Twitter defines you and your acceptance by others, in case you were unaware — and my whole 550 followers will agree.

If you haven’t seen the cover of Sun, it’s Chan sporting a super cute pixie cut. I’m not about to get all music critic on you, but once you hear the album, the cut goes with this new Cat Power sound (the completion of the album coincided with a break-up.) I believe it was Lenny Kravitz who said you carry a lot of energy — both positive and negative — in your hair, and I believe it was I who agrees and cuts my hair whenever I need to feel free. That’s why it’s so short — I constantly feel trapped apparently.

On top of this recent cut of Chan’s, she went and bleached it in the past few weeks or so. I’d like to think before Miley Cyrus, but because Chan and I aren’t friends yet, I can’t say for sure.

Both my esteemed colleague, , and I have done the bleached route. I, for one, swore I’d probably never do it again because the maintenance is not only a bitch but fucking expensive. But as I try to grow out my pixie cut, I’m thinking maybe I’ll keep it short and dye it platinum the way it was back in college and the few years that followed. My natural color definitely makes me look much younger than my bleached hair ever did, but I feel like I’m losing my edge.

Hubbell and I seven years ago -- the last time I did the whole platinum thing.

I may not have Chan Marshall’s genes, but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t give it a whirl once more. Thoughts?

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Photo: Ryan Pfluger