Li'l pooper.

The coolest, most confident women I know, the ones who get up in arms about slutty Halloween costumes and binders full of women, very often don’t even feel comfortable enough to poop at work. “I just save it up for when I get home,” they say. I can’t help but picture their insides as some sort of macabre, shit-filled cookie jar.

Thank you, Rebecca Jane Stokes. No truer words have ever been written on the matter of pooping at work, or in any public bathroom for that matter, but yet despite the vision of a “macabre, shit-filled cookie jar,” a lot of women still refuse to drop trou and do what everyone does. Everyone shits, so what’s the big deal? Seriously.

As Stokes also points out in her brilliantly written piece, women are not supposed to talk about poop at all. Poop jokes are for guys, and while they’ll get a laugh for them, women will usually receive a completely different response should they try to play the poop-is-funny-game: “Ew! Gross! That’s disgusting.” And sometimes these responses even come from men, too.

Exactly when it became uncouth for women to have a bowel movement, let alone acknowledge it, probably goes back for hundreds of years. It’s hard to imagine some French royal sitting around talking about the great dump she took, or telling her husband that she’ll be right back, she needs to take a shit before dinner. Luckily for French royals, the debate over whether or not to poop at work was never an issue.

So how do we feel about pooping in a public bathroom where, god forbid, someone might hear and/or smell it? Are you more likely to do it a coffee shop, if need be, than work? Or are you a holder-inner with that shit twisting and turning, making a semi-permanent home in your intestines?

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Photo: Ihasahotdog