billybbeauty paintbrushes

I cannot tell you how excited I was to receive the full set of billy b’s Paint Brushes in the mail yesterday—sooooo excited! Not just because they came from the grand master of all things beauty, but because I am a big pathetic loser when it comes to makeup brushes and I have never splurged on really good ones. Why? Honestly, I thought all makeup brushes were the same. Obviously (since yesterday) I have realized how absolutely wrong I was.

For makeup brushes I had only been using a blush brush, foundation brush, one eyeshadow brush and another to put on mineral powder as eyeliner. It’s sad but true…I’ve had the same brushes for years and years and they probably cost me less than $10 (ie. cheap and cheesy).

Let me first say that I gently laid them all out on my bathroom countertop. My 5 year old was watching me and asked, and I’m not kidding, “Mommy? Are those paint brushes?” I then realized how aptly named these brushes were.

What I loved about them:

* Professional looking
* High quality
* Lightweight
* The hairs are soft as silk
* Deposited foundation powder, mineral concealer and blush on my skin uniformly

I have to say that the way these brushes laid out the powder on my skin was what made all the difference in the world in the way my makeup looked. With the brush I had used before, it would always deposit more powder in some places than others, even if I tapped the brush upside down to avoid this. billy’s brushes held onto the powder, yet dispersed it evenly as I swirled the brush across my skin. My old brush also “clogged” up its hairs with powder, so that when you felt the brush hairs, they felt thick and coarse. billy’s didn’t do this at all, in fact, you can’t even tell that I have been using them for two days–as there is no trace of powder foundation, concealer, blush or eyeshadow.

I feel so spoiled having so many brushes to use now, but if there is one must-have brush in the bunch it is “three,” which is a powder/blush paint brush. I’m telling you, when your powder falls on your face the right way–it makes such a huge difference in your appearance.

There are 13 brushes in the collection for $249 or you can buy them individually–but I promise you, once you buy one, you really will want to buy them all.

Have you splurged and bought any of them yet? If you have, let me know what you think of them!