Last week I was invited to a breakfast hosted by ethical cosmetics accessories brand EcoTools, where I and a bunch of other bloggers were introduced to their collaboration with vegan actress Alicia Silverstone.

I am mentioning this for two reasons.

1) The make-up bags are pretty, which is striking because so often eco-friendly products are… hm. When I prompted Jennifer to free associate her feelings about “eco-friendly” products she said, “A hippie. With dirty feet. On a bamboo couch. That smells like patchouli.”
2) They are super affordable, which is striking because it’s a challenge for people to do a little good for the planet when green stuff is often set at an alienating pricepoint.

So I am sharing the bag because I like to show support for environmentally friendly products, especially when they’re pretty, practical and anyone can afford them. They’re made of hemp, recycled PET, non-toxic inks, and tree-free paper.

As a sidenote, I don’t know about you but spending more than $20 on a make-up is crazy to me. In my experience, those things get so caked in eye shadow and blush after a few weeks that their lining becomes unrecognizable.

You can purchase the set at Ulta for $14.99

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