This weekend, I was invited out to the new Water Club, a signature hotel by Borgata in Atlantic City, to experience their fabulous hotel (and even more fabulous spa).

thaitreatmentroomAs a beauty editor, I get to experience beauty treatments pretty often, so it’s often best for me to judge a spa based on their signature treatments…here, I was in for a treat. There were tons of completely unique and innovative ones to immerse myself in.

Interestingly, this spa at The Water Club is actually CALLED the Immersion Spa! For those not yet familiar, it is a 2-story wonderland of treats for the face, body, and mind, many of which you may think involved a secret jaunt to the Far East.

I must say, the experience was unique and exceptional from beginning to end.

As soon as I checked in, I was shown to a ladies lounge, where I was allowed to sip a tea specifically chosen to complement my spa appointment. Then, I donned a cushy robe and slippers, and lounged about until my tech called me for my appointment.

I was scheduled for Thai Sacred Soak, Bath Ritual, which sounded exotic from the very description, and once in the treatment room, I sort of felt like I had escaped on a trip to Thailand. (Being that I am addicted to Thai food, that wouldn’t have been a bad thing at all.)

I can’t even call it a scrub or a massage – it’s pretty much a complete and total body experience. It started with a coconut full body scrub, and I mean FULL, with a scrub that smelled just like Mounds bars. And then, after the scrub, I was left to soak in a floral bath for a nice long warm stretch, and then, after the bath got an intense acupressure massage with lemongrass essence. The entire treatment was about two hours long, and by the end, I felt simultaneously relaxed and rejuvenated.

This also marked the first time I had received a massage from a male (well, in spa-terms!), and there really is a difference. If you love great amounts of pressure in your massage, it’s definitely something to try…it loosens all those kinks.

Oh, and at the end, before being sent back to the lounge area – I was given chocolate!!! Dark chocolate with ginger – sexy, energizing, and enriching – just like my treatment! I am in love. I have to say – and take this from a girl who gets spa treatments pretty much weekly – Immersion Spa is pretty much as good as it gets.

Image: The Water Club