The fat-hate is intense today. First we had Thierry Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti tell a charming anecdote about the “last time [he] tried to work with fat people” and now we have notorious class-act Nik Richie filing a post over at his website TheDirty entitled “Looks Like They Forgot To Photoshop Kate Upton.” The post is easy to find on Google if you need proof, but the substance of it is the Dirty readership asking about Upton’s success, specifically in light of her recent spot for Sobe (below). The question goes like this:

Nik, not sure what all the hype is about Kate Upton, she has a pretty face, I’ll give her that. But wtf is up w her fat rolls? She looks way too sloppy & soft to be a supermodel. Check out this video of her pigging out on Nachos by the pool, WTF!?

And fearless leader Richie responds:

Kate is naturally fat and doesn’t care… she has two more seasons in that real body suit before she jumps ship.

The ad in question is this:


I think the only thing worth asking here is “Why are people so horrible?”