Want to hear my favorite joke?

Q: What’s worse than a worm in your apple?

A: Half a worm in your apple.

Q: What’s worse than half a worm in your apple?

A: The holocaust. Have some goddamn perspective.

I think this is funny (I’m sorry I’m explaining why I think a joke is funny) because it’s about our frequent inability to see the big picture, especially when we’re considering specific events, however, people periodically find that joke wildly insensitive because it contains the word “holocaust” and might, to some extent, trivialize it.

There’s a holocaust beauty pageant. In Israel. I never thought I’d be someone to bring this up – but does using the greatest tragedy of the 20th century for entertainment purposes not seem somewhat inappropriate? Or is this actually a great statement about the potential of beauty to enduring in the wake of tragedy?

The director of the pageant says, ““we have to remember history but also have to let these survivors think about the present. When people take an interest and pamper their outside or external beauty, this makes them feel better physically and then has a positive effect on their soul.”

As a fashion and beauty website, we’re obviously in favor of that, but it still seems tricky to figure out how to keep the memory of the holocaust alive in a way that doesn’t negate its significance.

So. Holocaust beauty pageant. Good idea or bad? – NYT

Pic via New York Times