Someone is going to claw their way to victory.

The competition for manicurists has been held in the UK for the past six years and features a variety of categories – though the “fantasy nail art” one is a particular crowd pleaser. While the competition is held in Britain Japan, Korea, China, Russia, the U.S. and Hungary tend to dominate the categories. Each manicurist’s desk is marked with a nationality flag, so spectators will know who to cheer for. According to the Daily Mail:

According to the organisers, the techniques involved in making these amazing flights of fancy ‘feed down to everyday nails’, so it’s not really that silly at all.

‘It may look ridiculous,’ one judge explained, ‘but no more so than some of the clothes you would see at a high fashion show in Paris. It displays a mastery of the nail technician’s craft.’

We expect a reality show about manicurists to appear on Bravo within a month, because this has to be more interesting than Shear Genius.