Ladies: you know how you’re not allowed to drink the new diet Dr. Pepper because it’s not aimed at you? If it makes you feel any better, there’s untold thousands of actually gender-neutral products that men haven’t been allowed to use for ages. But that’s about to change: meet EvolutionMan, the first line of nail polish (we think?) targeted toward the boys.

You might think to yourself that goth kids and gentlemen who play guitar have been wearing nail polish forever and this isn’t some revolutionary step. However, if you’re the line’s founder, Marco Berardini, wearing nail polish is actually a way to show that you won’t abide by society’s rules and boundaries and categories, man. He told Allure:

“If you’re wearing a Rolex with chewed, scraggly nails, it’s a contradiction of sorts. Whether it’s the perfect, clean manicure, suggesting success and power, or a bold color to show they’re not confined to society’s rules, [wearing polish is] a way to express who they are. It is definitely less permanent than a tattoo, and you can change the color depending on your choice of mood or fashion.”

We’ll see if this takes but really, boys have been listening to Bauhaus and wearing black nail polish for decades. We doubt men need some beefy marketing ploy to sell an otherwise widely-available product.

Also, we can already see being way annoyed with the phrase “male polish.”