Grazia wants you to know that there other ways to keep your forehead from looking old besides getting Botox – there’s something called “browtox,” which is apparently just a cutesy name for tattooed-on eyebrows. Supposedly, this trend was inspired by Coleen Rooney. If you don’t follow WAG culture as closely as I do, I’ll just say that Coleen Rooney is probably the most famous soccer (sorry, “football”) wife in England now that Posh lives in L.A. Anyway, this article doesn’t outright accuse her of having gotten browtox, but apparently there is a person named Tracie Giles who “using mineral pigments and new digital technology, she creates uber natural brows in a 3-D effect, matching your own skin and hair tones perfectly.”

To be honest, browtox would be a way better option for me if eyebrow trends didn’t change constantly. Oh, and if it wasn’t ridiculously painful-sounding.