Noted Frankenbabe Megan Fox has messed with her face quite a bit since starting her acting career, but has been notoriously vague in interviews when asked about what work she’s had done. However, she would like everyone to know what she has not had done: Botox. No Botox! Not even a little!

She posted a series of scrunchy faced photos to Facebook yesterday under the heading “THINGS YOU CAN’T DO WITH YOUR FACE WHEN YOU HAVE BOTOX.” Was anybody saying she had Botox? This is clearly designed to distract people who care about such things from the question of her boobs, her lips, her nose, and her general un-Earthly sheen. Also, the second photo doesn’t really do much to assuage any of the Botox rumors she imagines are floating around, does it? Her face looks as smooth as it did in that freaky Giorgio Armani ad.

This is not unlike Pamela Anderson posting photos to prove she hasn’t had her ankles shaved down, or Paris Hilton posting pics to prove her elbows are genuine. That is not the question at hand! Regardless, it’s nice to see that Fox has stayed away from anti-aging procedures for the time being. 25-year-olds should stick to boob jobs, lip collagen, and that thing they do where they suck fat out of your tummy and inject it into your butt.