Thanks to the internet, we’ve been able to discover some new things that we never thought would capture our attention before. Just think about all of the addictive color mixing videos, bun drop videos and anything involving pimple popping. Another one you can add to the list is videos of Lush Cosmetics Bubble Bars being chopped up.

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There’s something hypnotizing about a lot of Lush products (hello, their version of a fidget spinner), but it’s normally the bath bombs that entrance us the most. The swirling colors are captivating whether we’re in the tub with them or we’re watching videos of dissolving bath bombs online. However, Andrea from @TheRoseQueenn Instagram account is showing that Lush’s Bubble Bars can be just as exciting to watch, especially if they’re being chopped up and repurposed.

If you’re a Lush fan, watching some of your favorite products get chopped up by a knife might be a little traumatizing, but know that Andrea is a self-described “Lush enthusiast.” Plus, she doesn’t chop up the products and throw them away. Sometimes she puts crumbled products into a sieve and has videos of them going into the bath.

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Whether she’s chopping, sieving or doing a combination of the two, Andrea’s videos are almost as satisfying to watch as having a soak in the tub with our favorite Lush products.